With the release of Insomniac Games Spider-Man on PS4 quickly approaching Sony has pushed the trophy list for the game live onto the PSN Servers. Below is a look at all of the game’s trophies but be warned there is a very high chance of SPOILERS for the game.

Spider-Man contains fifty-one total trophies including 1 platinum, 2 gold, 10 silver, and 38 bronze. While most of the trophies involve you collecting various items, defeating different villains, and clearing different areas of the city its good to keep in mind that none of the trophies are missable and none of them are locked to playing the game at different difficulty levels.


The trophy each and every one of us is after! Like most platinum trophies, all you have to do to earn this is collect the 50 other trophies throughout the game.

Spider-Man PS4 Platinum Trophy


Spider-Man only has two gold trophies to collect, both of which are pretty straightforward. You should be able to collect both of these trophies just by playing through the game, and exploring the world.


Ten trophies of the silver variety are available to collect in Spider-Man. For the most part, it looks like the majority of the silver trophies are earned by taking down hideouts and outposts. One thing we can learn about the game is the ability to purchase new spidey suits, with the trophy “A suit for all seasons” which is unlocked by purchasing all suits in the game. 


As you can tell there are a lot of bronze trophies in Spider-Man. Thirty-eight bronze trophies to be exact! A bunch of these trophies looks to be collected by completing various parts of the games main story. Defeating the various villains in the game will earn you a few trophies as well. From what I can see in the below image of the bronze trophies is that you can earn a good amount of them from completing a bunch of the challenges that are in the game. Challenges look to range from things like combat, and stealth, to bomb sand drone challenges.

In my opinion, Insomniac Games has put together a perfect trophy list for Spider-Man. I have eagerly been waiting for release so I can get my hands on the game (Sony hit a wannabe games journalist up!). I plan to do a sort of review for Spider-Man since I don’t get the game until release the review won’t be up until at least a week after release. Until the review does go live you can bookmark the following page as a placeholder for where the review will be.

Trophy guides and statistics provided by psnprofiles.com


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